Frances Chi
Graphic Design & Illustration

Hi my name is Frances,
I am a graphic designer & illustrator born and raised on Long Island, New York.
I am currently studying Communications Design at Pratt Institute.


The Negative Language of Flowers Illustrations
Today, flowers are viewed to be a gift of second thought and bought without much consideration. If any, people tend to gravitate towards the ones that look the prettiest or the most fresh. No one really thinks about the ‘type’ of flower they’re choosing. If flowers are bing cut to just bring visual satisfaction, shouldn’t we at least think about why we are choosing that specific flower? You never know what that flower could truly mean…

To learn English is like to practice Visuals
Learning a new language isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially if you think of it as another boring chore. Marcus Chi, a Korean English professor/Interpreter has found it difficult to teach a language with such a negative pre misconception. South Koreans find it more than difficult to learn and are not excited to engage with it. To change the perspective of learning, I’ve illustrated visuals representing situations where learning is just like practicing an instrument or a favorite sport.

The unconventional approach to flower arrangement. It follows the basics of Ikebana, a Japanese traditional practice of flower arranging, but with a little twist. The combination of Ikebana and the symbolism of flowers was experimented with. How could flowers be used as another platform of communications design? What messages can be conveyed beyond the themes of love and heartbreak?

Baseline Magazine Covers
Two alternative covers of the Limited Edition Issue covering the Japanese Typographer, Katsumi Asaba

JRA Type Specimen Poster
JRA (Just Riding Along) is a typeface constructed from various parts of a bicycle. This was a study to see the interaction of form through objects and construct letter forms.

The compact unit providing an easy way for everyone to plant their favorite flowers. Rewild contains sterile soil and seedlings for ready-made usage. As for the premise, we had to take existing packaging and recreate a product of our own. Recycling the container of Chobani Flip Yogurt to redesign labels with instructions to help the earth bloom with more flowers.